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Cold, Cold New Zealand

May 9, 2010

Having a lovely time in New Zealand. I love getting up each day and looking out at the beautiful sea. And it’s great fun to see the surfers riding the waves. I wish I could get up on a surfboard but I’m a bit of a wonky donkey and I tend to fall off. Which is quite embarrassing because all the other surfers think I should be able to do it because I’ve got twice as many legs as them!

The weather is getting very, very cold. Although it’s coming up to summer time in England, here in New Zealand everything is a bit back to front and we are coming up to winter! So, the wind is getting chilly and the nights are getting darker much earlier. Thank goodness Auntie Joanna and Uncle Will know how to light a good fire. I sit in front of that most nights.

I have been making friends with Louisa and Nick’s pussy cats. They are called Violet and Bijou. Bijou is a French word and apparently it means ‘jewel’. They are very funny cats. They look a bit like teddy bears and remind me a bit of Pooh. I miss Pooh. And I miss you too Eve and Thomas.

Lots and lots of love, Eeyore xx

PS: next stop might be Japan where they eat sushi and noodles. Can you find Japan on your map?


Very Busy Eeyore

April 10, 2010

Well firstly I really ought to apologise as it has been some time since I updated you on my travels.  I have been so busy though that it has been quite impossible to get the time to write.

When Aunty Joanna and Uncle Will went off to Australia I decided to stay here in New Zealand.  I was lucky enough to be able to stay with Louisa and Nick.  They gave me their spare bedroom to stay in and it was very comfortable.  I had a lovely time and it was nice to just relax in one place for a while.

Nick has tried to teach me to surf but I haven’t been very good.  I have stood up on the surf board a few times but I really don’t think I will ever be as good as Nick.

I have been having lots of fun but missing you all of course.

Better go as Aunty Joanna wants to use the computer.

Lots of Love



New Zealand

January 20, 2010

Well firstly my apologies for not posting a message sooner but I have been a very busy donkey.  New Zealand is definitely the best place for a donkey like me to relax and learn to be much more like Winnie the pooh.

I have been travelling around the North Island and have done some amazing things.  I have been lucky enough to learn to surf and am now standing up and if I hold on with my tail I can nearly get my “toes on the nose” and “hang ten”.

I have also been white water rafting and done lots of swimming on some lovely beaches.

The food has been amazing and I am also now rather partial to a bit of NZ Sauvignon Blanc but not too much as I don’t want to get like Auntie Joanna and keep having hangovers.

We are now down on the South Island and planning to meet up with some other donkeys and horses to go for a run along the beach.

Winnie the pooh would love it here as they have an extra special kind of honey called Manuka which he would really like.

I am looking forward to seeing Lucy and also your Grandma and Grandpa soon.

Anyway lots to do so I had better go. Auntie Joanna and Uncle Will send lots of love.


Back in Bangkok

November 21, 2009

Evie and Tom Tom,

I am back in Bangkok. Having a lovely time eating vegetarian food in our guesthouse. Being a simple donkey I am very happy here, loving the veggie salads, carrots and lettuce. Uncle Will and Auntie Joanna have met their lovely friend Ian, who keeps leaving early each day to go to school. Apparently he is learning how to do Thai massage. I hope he practices on me!!!

Lots of love, Eeyore xx


November 11, 2009

Here are a few photos of my travels, click here or on the photos link at the top right of this page.

Busy Pooh Bear

November 10, 2009

We recently went to see a place called The Plain of Jars.  We met some lovely people called Claire and Bob and their very good friend Lucky who is with me in the picture below.

Everyone was very interested in these jars and all thought they were very clever in talking about them and how old they were.  I didn’t want to tell them so I kept quiet but the explanation for all the empty jars is very simple and I have seen it many times in One Hundred Acre wood.


Winnie the Pooh's empty honey jars

Winne the Pooh had been there and eaten all the honey into his big tummy.  They were very silly as it was so obvious Pooh Bear had been there when he was very hungry, all the jars were fallen over and were completely empty.

Snakey wine

November 10, 2009

Things here have been very strange and very busy.  We have arrive din Vietnam and been rushing all over the place climbing mountains and kayaking and all sorts of things.

We went to a place called Sapa and stayed with a lovely Vietnamese family.  Uncle Will and Auntie Joanna stayed up late drinking something called Rice Wine with some nice people from Belgian and a lovely vietnamese lady called Mimi.  After drinking lots of Rice Wine they started playing cards and then the Belgian people took their clothes off and ran  around the room.  I have to say I like Uncle Will and Auntie Joanna but they make some very strange friends.

A few nights later after going on a boat we went to another bar and drank


Snakey Wine

more of the rice wine stuff.  They then drank some wine that had a snake in it.  It smelt very funny and they didn’t look like they enjoyed it.  Humans are funny donkeys would never do such a thing.


Later that evening Auntie Joanna cut her foot while dancing but she is all ok.  Most people were upset for her hurt foot but a little bit pleased she stopped dancing as she looked a bit like a monkey that was being stung by a bee.